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Over the years, there have been many incidents that affect the value of residences, land or other property.  These incidents can cause “stigma” to the land, the property itself, or a residence. Sometimes the value which affects these properties can last for months or even years.  The following is a list of natural disasters, accidents, crime scenes or other situations which caused property to be affected in its value.  More information on these various situations can be found by clicking some of the links, or by searching other online resources.



EPA Disaster Gold King Mine – ColoradoDeep Water Horizon Oil Spill – Gulf Of Mexico
Exxon Valdez – Alaska
Jeffrey Dahmer – WisconsinJon Benet Ramsey – CaliforniaManson Family – California
Mt. St. Helen’s – WashingtonThree Mile Island – PennsylvaniaDurham Woods – New Jersey
Oklahoma Federal Building – OklahomaOJ Simpson Residence – CaliforniaMenendez Brothers – California
World Trade Center, 1993 – New YorkWorld Trade Center 2001 – New YorkHeavens Gate – California
Santa Clara River Flooding – UtahPorter Ranch Gas Leak – CaliforniaBorah Peak Earthquake – Idaho