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Business process

We consider all aspects of a business.  The process ValuationMasters goes through to complete our valuation reports is extensive and complete.  We work to include each asset and characteristic of the business.

There are 3 basic steps to your valuation:

Free consultation
You will meet with one or more of our experts do discuss your exact needs and the scope of the work. There is no cost for this and results in no commitment on your part.

We will review the details of the engagement and present you with a proposal that covers our fee, the scope of services, and expected timeline.

Data Gathering
This is where we dig in and gather the information we need. Whether we value your business or individual assets, we have to combine all the relevant data points to make a proper determination.

We take the time to thoroughly review your case and often consult with other professional third parties for additional credibility. This can include preparing financial reports and projections. We test all assumptions.

Finally, we assimilate all of our data and analysis into a formal opinion which is written up as a formal and professional document.

Final Review
Each of our valuations undergoes a final review by our team to assure accuracy. We don’t sign off on our reports until we are confident they are correct.

Client Review
We take the time to go through your report and explain the results and documentation provided. You are free to ask questions, and we will help you understand your report.

We stand by our reports and will support them in the event of a challenge in a tax audit or litigation.