ValuationMasters – 393 E. Riverside Dr. #1-102, St. George, UT.  435.767.1499


Our Mission
To provide the best, most honest, and complete valuation of any business, property, equipment, land or asset.  This may include stigmatized properties, or other damaged real estate.


Our Vision
Our vision is to be the premier provider of equipment, property, or business valuations.  To that end we will work to maintain our edge as the real estate and business valuation leader with the use of technology, and strive to learn and work with the client–specific requirements for any requested valuations.


Our Focus
Our team at ValuationMasters strives to ensure the satisfaction and continuous improvement of three important groups: our clients, our partners and members of our ValuationMasters team.

Our Clients
“Our goal is to give our clients the best, and most honest “independent” valuation.

We continually work to improve our value proposition to our customers by:

  • Working to always find the most cost effective ways to assist our clients, and working closely with them to improve our systems to better serve them.
  • Continuing to learn through education and  training and retaining a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals.
  • Investing in advanced technologies, systems and adhering to best business practices.
  • Maintaining a work environment where our team members can exceed their potential and reach their personal goals.

Core Values

Uphold integrity in all of our dealings with each other, with our clients, and other people with which we interact.

Provide best overall value to clients and those we serve.

Strive to provide the highest level of service to clients.

Treat all clients we serve with respect.

Maintain professionalism in all our dealings.